Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sharing From My Treasure Box (Part 1)

So, before I share some pearls of wisdom I picked up from the Willow Creek Leadership Summit last week, I feel the need to address my last post. I know it may have seemed a little out of character (for the blog, not me personally). Kind of like I was throwing up on Fear and Death. And I guess I was. I just felt the need to “put it out there” for anyone to see that I was denouncing the power and destruction that these cohorts desire. They will not bring us down. Our God is bigger than that and He has already defeated them. I’m just trying to live out what I believe!

There! Now on to my little Leadership Treasure Box.

It’s taken me the better part of three days to digest all that I saw and heard last Thursday and Friday. I have looked over the ton of notes scribbled down in my notebook and each time I do it’s like a jolt of excitement hits me all over again. That’s what I want to share with you. If you followed my Tweets or my Facebook status updates you were probably wondering where in the world I was and what I was up to. Well, Stonecreek Church had the privilege of hosting a private viewing of the Leadership Summit via satellite. It was an amazing experience. My heart-felt thanks to all who had a hand in making the whole thing possible. It was so nice to actually sleep in my own bed at night and still get to benefit from the wisdom of some of today’s greatest leaders from all over the world.

Without further ado…here are my takeaways (one from each speaker) in order of appearance.
  1. Bill Hybles: His topic was Leading in a New Reality
    Takeaway: What is your Replenishment Strategy? I have to keep my “bucket” full because I can’t lead out of emptiness.
    Question: What do my followers and colleagues see when they look at me? A full bucket or are they a little worried about me?
  2. Gary Hamel: His topic was Manage Differently Now
    Takeaway: When you’re in the trenches it’s easy to mistake the edge of a rut as the horizon.
    Question: Are you more committed to Redemption, Renewal and Reconciliation or Policies, Practices and Programs?
  3. Tim Keller: His topic was Leading People to the Prodigal God (I’m currently reading this book – it’s really good)
    Takeaway: The Gospel is not religion – it’s something entirely different.
    Question: What are my reasons and motives for doing what is right? To be my own savior? Or to please the one who saved me?
  4. Jessica Jackley: Her topic was Micro Finance Lending, co-founder of Kiva.org
    Takeaway: We must show instead of tell people why they should give.
    Question: Each “story” is special. How can I have the privilege to participate in their next chapter?
  5. Harvey Carey: His topic was Against All Odds (he is a bundle of energy!)
    Takeaway: Don’t just huddle without actually playing the game.
    Question: Transformation happens not when you say what you believe, but when you do what you believe. Does what I do really reflect what I believe?

That was the end of the line-up for Thursday. I’ll treat you to Friday’s treasures tomorrow. How’s that sound?

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  1. "Question: What do my followers and colleagues see when they look at me? A full bucket or are they a little worried about me?"

    Umm, ouch! Good stuff! Looking forward to the rest of it!