Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Blog?

Why do I want to write a blog? Only heaven knows! So far the process has been very slow and tedious. I didn't know what I would name it. I can't find a template and color scheme that suits me. I really have no idea what I'm doing so it takes me 10 times as long to do this since I'm learning as I go. (I really need some tutor sessions, I guess)

So, where did the name come from? Listening to country radio on a trip home to/from AL one weekend. Heard a George Strait song, I Saw God Today. It is really about how the writer's whole perspective of life changed the day his daughter was born. The title caught my attention and I began to think about it. Where do I see God on a daily basis? Then, where should I see God on a daily basis? Once I had decided that I liked the name as a blog title, panic set in. What would I write about? God said to me, "Are you kidding? Did you really just think that?" I know, I know...God is everywhere. Duh! But I didn't want to write about beautiful sunrises and sunsets, thunderstorms and gentle breezes and all things wonderful in nature. Don't get me wrong. I certainly believe the God reveals Himself to us through His creation and nature. My point is that I wanted something more personal, I guess is the word I'm looking for. And God assured me that I would have no shortage of material...if I just let myself be open to seeing. Still, I was a little hesitant. I felt really inadequate to do this. But when God tells you to do something, He doesn't expect you to do it in your own strength. Even though my "life verse" is Phillipians 4:13, my heart has a time getting through to my hard head sometimes.

So that's the background. I've been making notes and hope to get this thing rolling soon. In the mean time, my challenge is to watch for God everyday. He's always there and He's always working around us. When you see it, remember it and praise Him for it. That's worship.

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  1. You are so real, Girl. Looking forward to getting to know your heart better. Bless you!