Sunday, April 26, 2009

When you ask, expect to see...

I hear people say all the time that “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” I don’t deny this truth. I’ve got my destination covered (Praise the Lord)! But I have to remind myself on a regular basis to pay attention to the journey. Have you ever been traveling along an unfamiliar road and been searching so diligently for your next turn that you don’t even see the houses, buildings and scenery you are passing? I find myself doing that every day as I travel the road that is my life. I’m always looking for the next thing I’m supposed to do. The next task that has to be completed. The next project or event that needs to be planned, promoted and pulled off (how’s that for 3 Ps?). But now that I’ve jumped into these bloggy waters with the sole intent to share where I see God, I find myself paying more attention to my journey.

I have honestly been amazed at the ways and places He has shown up. I know He’s been here all along, even when I wasn’t looking. But life is so much richer and full of color when we experience it with Him. It’s the way He intended it from the start.

I’m about to rattle off some examples from the last couple of days where I saw God. I won’t share too many details because these are not my stories to tell. But I am thankful that God allowed me to peek into His work so that I could share with you a glimpse of His glory.

I saw God… in the healing business.

A devastating diagnosis from several months ago comes up against the prayers of faithful belief and is defeated. Unexplainable, but totally possible with God.

A 2 year-old who fell from a second story window leaves the ER hours later with only a cut on her head.

An elderly gentleman who had a stroke at the breakfast table with his daughter and son-in-law (an ER nurse and fireman) is fully recovered by the time the ambulance arrived.

A baby born on Friday morning under non-idyllic circumstances, is holding her own in the NICU with the Great Physician in attendance.

I saw God…in answered prayer.

A family looking for a home to live in, feeling pressured by an agent to go one direction. God said, wait, I have something better for you. And boy did He! Over and above what they even thought possible.

I saw God…in relationships.

Friends gathered together sharing a meal, a few laughs and praising God for changed lives.

People serving each other in Jesus’ name and making a difference. Speaking value into lives and proving that EVERYBODY matters to God.

I saw God…in changed lives.

People taking that next step and following Jesus’ example of baptism. Publically professing to the world that they belong to Him.

And people actually beginning their own journey with Christ today. Oh, how the angels did rejoice right along with us that Hell has fewer reservations and Heaven has more future residents because of God’s grace and the fact that people accepted the free gift of ETERNAL LIFE through faith.

This is just a taste of what God has shown me in the past week. I can tell this is going to be a great ride. Thanks for joining me. Please feel free to leave your own stories in the comments of places where you see God at work. We can all use the encouragement to keep looking.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. God is so awesome. My niece is doing better and thank you so much for all your prayers. You rock.