Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Dad and My Father...

My dad is a great man but he’s not perfect. My mom would be the first to back me up on that. He is a fantastic dad. He was Daddy my whole life until I moved out of the great state of Alabama. Then he became my Dad when I referred to him in conversation, but still Daddy to his face. Now he’s Papa ‘cause that’s what the grandkids call him. Whatever we call him (as long as we call him when it’s time to eat) he’s still quite a guy! He’s grown into the role of patriarch for a bunch of hooligans (three kids with spouses and a total of eleven grandchildren) and we have a great heritage of faith due largely to his efforts. He is a great role model and example for all of us.

He shows us the character of God in the way he serves sacrificially. I don’t think you would find an honest person in all of West Alabama who would say that my dad ever denied help to anyone when it was in his power to deliver. He has fixed broken pipes, toilets, hot water heaters, furnaces, lawn mowers, tractors, cars and trucks, bush hogs, fences, baseball fields, and just about anything else that can be broken. He is the “go-to-man” when you need a helping hand. Guess we could call him “Hamburger Helper”, huh?

He shows us the character of God in his creativity. My dad has an artistic flair with a heavy country accent! I remember watching him draw horses when I was a child and I found some drawings in his high school text books of curvaious ladies – all in good taste of course. His handwriting is neat and precise. I love the way he prints so neatly in all caps. I used to try to write like him. He has always had a talent for invention also. I can’t tell you how many times he’s been faced with a need for some piece of equipment or tool or whatever. He goes into problem solving mode and then before you know it, he’s in the shop building whatever it is that was lacking in this world (his world). Most often it involves welding and when he’s finished Hurricane Katrina couldn’t budge it (whatever it is).

He shows us the character of God in the way he loves unconditionally (even when he’s frustrated or disappointed with his children, we never wonder if he loves us). He has great wisdom that he shares without judging (too much) and he is always ready to share the good news that he knows personally about how Jesus can change your life.

Did I mention that my dad is not perfect? He is also just as human as they come. He has a bit of a temper. Stubborn doesn’t even come close to describing him. Opinionated, yep – he’s got that one covered too! I know some of you are wondering when I switched from writing about my dad and started talking about myself! I guess it’s true what they say about the little old acorn and how it descends in close proximity to the parental unit!

It pleases me that people look at me and see so much of my dad but my ultimate desire is that when they look at me they also see a strong resemblance to my heavenly Father…that they also see GOD.

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  1. I linked here from Chrystie's blog. This was a very nice testament to your Dad, his character, and his parenting style. I have 3 kids (2 of them grown), and I hope all of them will be able to say something like this about me 10 years from now. Good job, and a good encouragement to all of us Dads to let God shine through us. Thanks. wb