Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Hardheaded Woman...

Ok, I’ve been waiting for it to happen since I typed the word “anxious” in my status on FB and Twitter Monday night. I knew as soon as the letters hit the screen that I should erase them and think of something else to write. But I didn’t. I left them there and continued thinking I was getting “a little anxious about this week” because of all I had to do and knowing that more than likely I would not have enough time to accomplish all of it.

My first thought after I hit “comment” was, "I’m not supposed to be anxious…God says." And if He says it, then He means it. Remember last week when I decided to wait until mid-week to listen to Him and I wasted so much time and energy struggling? And I said that I had learned my lesson? And I was going to remember next time? Guess what. Yep! Busted again!

I was hearing the “do not be anxious” verse in my head all this week. I kind of let go of my worries to a certain extent but I didn’t fully rely on God to provide and therefore missed multiple opportunities to see Him show up for me. What a goober! (that’s Southern slang for, I’m such an idiot or nut – get it? nut=peanut=goober). Any how… back to my train of thought. I was almost expecting a repeat of last week with the Daily Bible Verse thing, but it didn’t really click this week. God is very creative, don’t you know. (That one’s for my Minnesota friends, don’t ya know!)

So this evening I was going through my daily blog check and I found the prize. It was on Steven Furtick’s blog today. The title? Anxiety. Plain and simple…you need to check it out. It was my very own personal sermon. Why do we have to wait to hear something from a third party when God has already been crystal clear? Maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s just me.

Here’s honesty for you…when I worry or feel anxious it has less to do with whether or not I think God can handle a given situation and more to do with will I let Him. It’s no less wrong, just different. I believe that God is who He says He is and that He can do what He says He can do, but just like last week I most often try to accomplish things in my own strength first and then call out to God when I find out I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. (Another Southern thing…plus I had to get my food/eating analogy in somehow.)

So this work in progress would appreciate your prayers and I’ll return the favor. Plus, for heaven’s sake – feel free to kick my rear end when I apparently refuse to see God daily! And I thank you in advance…

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  1. Hey Cindy! It's Cindy! ;-)

    I love your transparency! It is refreshing to read your blog because I go through the same thing and it's nice to know that it's not just me. Thanks for the words of encouragement, and I'm praying with you!